“Working with Johnny has been a very enjoyable journey from beginning to end, he is full of energy and ideas, he makes sure every element is thought through and considered and will do everything and anything to deliver a fantastic result. The results speak for themselves, and so I’m looking forward to our next project together.” Caroline Cawood, Product Marketing Manager, Mamas and Papas

Mamas & Papas

"Working with Johnny on the production of The Bridges advertisement has been an absolute delight. He is very hard working - nothing ever seems to be a problem. He is very professional and always goes above and beyond to ensure everything is done properly. He has a superb eye for detail." Stephen Drummond, Creative Director, Drummond Central Ltd

Drummond Central Ltd

“Apart from being multi talented Johnny is just someone you look forward to working with. He's a 'sunrise' type of person always looking for a better more interesting way of doing things - he's also got that rare ability that not all creative people have got, he's organised and practical. As a Creative Director I'm looking to work with people who can take the job on another 100% without losing the concept - Johnny understands how to communicate and never loses sight of this." Mark Martin, Creative Director, Different Ltd

Different Advertising

"We had the pleasure of working with Johnny for our live action shoot for MTV. His energy, creativity and attention to detail meant that we achieved fantastic results." Philip Ward - Executive Producer - Universal Everything

Universal Everything

"Johnny and I have worked together for almost 25 years. He has an ability to deliver creative and the technical quality we expect, but on top of that, his people skills and personality make him, in my opinion, pretty unique as a director / photographer." James Sommerville, Head of global design - Coca Cola

Coca Cola

''Johnny had great enthusiasm and commitment to the concept and was passionate about achieving a brilliant end result.

Logistically the project was a challenge but working through it with enthusiasm, commitment and understanding Johnny turned it into a triumph.'' Peter Saville

Peter Saville